About Us

Every month, Astro Foam Store curates’ unique items and products. We are your one stop destination to all your daily needs. We provide only the finest Mattress and Cushion and furniture equipment available, backed by fast, efficient and accurate service. We have researched our industry for only the finest equipment, and our goal is to impress each and every customer with the caliber of equipment unparalleled in the industry, backed by warranty and repair service, which is second to none. In addition, we shall process orders in a timely manner, double check each order for accuracy and ship as promised and do all of the above in a cheerful and polite manner. Most importantly, The Astro Foam Store is committed to doing all of this, and still maintain very competitive pricing.

  • About Us
  • Quality sleep, utter relaxation and heavenly comfort! Astro Foam believes that every Filipino deserves a good night's sleep after all the hard work. 

    “AstroFoam for Every Filipino Home.”

  • Why Choose Us?
  • Astrofoam mattresses are designed with an exceptional night’s sleep in mind. We offer three types of foam, with two hardness levels to meet everyone's comfort and needs.

  • Product Category Descriptions:

  • High-Density Mattresses
  • Providing exceptional comfort throughout the night, AstroFoam’s high density mattresses are available in varying sizes to suit your bed frame and design, with different levels of firmness to choose from so you can adapt your mattress choice to your sleep preferences.

  • Tri-fold Mattresses
  • There’s no denying that tri-fold mattresses are an absolute must-have for every home. AstroFoam’s tri-fold mattresses are the ideal solution to temporary sleeping accommodations. Perfect for unexpected sleep-over guests, family reunion, dorm rooms, camping or when you're on the road.  AstroFoam’s tri-fold mattresses provide the optimal level of support, comfort and firmness for safe and sound sleep.